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Heavy Lock Necklace


This lock depicts a 1980's chunky padlock from New York City found in a quaint vintage shop in Soho. Locks are a representation of eternity. 

16" long chain necklace featuring a heavy lock charm 

14kt gold plated chain and lock 

Gold plating is a layer or gold applied to a base metal (this lock necklace's base is brass).  So the base is metal and the gold is essentially dipped over the outside of that base (there is no gold inside the piece).  This gold plated piece is plated with 5x the amount of normal gold plating because the quality is #1! 

All jewelry is FINAL SALE. We check every item before shipping it to you to make sure there are no damages to the item. If your jewelry breaks after you wear it, please consider taking it to your nearest jeweler for repair.